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Apartment CT

  Previous restructuring done in the ’80s wiped away almost every trace of this Milanese apartment’s “early Novecento” character. The only surviving feature: the tall windows on the main facade, with intrados in carved wood

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Casa V_G

  Dating back to the ’50s, this single-family home complete with garden was restructured and a story was added. Its old pitched roof was replaced with a section that from the street view looks square and compa

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Casa C

  A story was added to this two-story single-family home from the ’70s, which was then divided into three apartments, these made independent by addin

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Apartment MDS

  The Naviglio della Martesana, part of the 15th-Century system of navigable canals that make Milan’s layout so distinctive, is now the object of environmental protection. The precious, ancient buildings along

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Apartment FN

  The framework of this apartment, which is located in an 18th-Century palace, is distinctive in the articulation of its original gothic lot. The project harmonized this with a continual, flowing concept of space. A collection of contemporary art stan

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