Emanuele Genuizzi - Giovanni Banal - Architetti Associati


Villa S

Built in the early 1900s on a plateau almost a sheer drop over Lake Como, this building ended up in a state of complete abandonment. The restructuring project fully integrated and united the main villa—with its pictorial Liberty decor

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  A small shop in the center of Milan was turned into an art gallery. Its limited surface area was what determined the formulation of the project: the main issue was the need to accommodate numerous works of art while also allowing for them to be obse

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  Typical iron and glass industrial production elements for the construction of greenhouses were used to create an architectural structure with three distinct sections: a main body characterized by a rectangular nave with a she

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Houses B0 / B1

  Perched on a steep slope over Lake Como, the medieval village of Blevio has an intricate series of lanes, rises and wider stretch

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Casa M

  Alongside a single-family home from the ’70s, at the far end of a garden with olive trees, a second house was created orthogonally to the existing structure as a home for the family’s new generation. The p

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